1. Jasmine? Jasmine?

    I hit the jackpot today:

    • A man selling fruit from a van whistled at me.
    • A group of Mexicans waiting for work watched me walk by and one of them then said “byeeeeee!”
    • A short black man with a mustache asked, “how are you doing, beautiful?” (He had a killer voice—would be a great radio personality. I gave him a big smile.)
    • A guy behind a fence at an auto-shop said hello (and I then asked him about where to get my car speaker fixed. He said, “just come back here!” Thanks! I think I will!)
    • And a mexican teenager (in that Echo-style urban gear the kids wear these days) said hello. He had very distinct beads of sweat on his cheeks.

    However, the best stranger-interaction today was near the subway. There was a large man, with his back to me, waiting to cross a busy intersection. It seemed like a meow was emanating from him. As I approached, he shifted and a cat’s paw popped up over his shoulder, as if hugging him.

    Alongside the man, I gave him a smile. He smiled and pet his cat. His teeth slightly protruded and had rounded edges, giving him a rather muppet-y look. That cat was pretty cute—orange with green eyes and clean enough fur. Meowing a bit but not struggling to escape. The man seemed both sheepish and proud—clearly happy to have his cat, but maybe surprised at himself for talking to a little white female stranger.

    "I found her like way over there!"


    "Yeah. I was like ‘Jasmine? Jasmine?’"

    "Maybe they have better food over there?"

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